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Bidding extended on Open items for 5 minutes since last bid.
Inspection & Pickup Location:
90 Green Acres Lane
New Castle,VA 24127
Inspection: April 23 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Closing: April 24 6:00pm to close
Removal: April 28 10:00am to 2:00pm

Please be aware there is a 15% Buyers Premium with this auction.
Shipping available for all items. To be handled solely by The Packaging Store of Roanoke,VA. 540-772-0999. Shipper will pick up items after the auction and contact buyers regarding rates and scheduling. Please email Farmer Auctions at or call 540-384-0100 to notify us that you would like to have your items shipped. IMPORTANT NOTE: Auction company will not deliver items back to our gallery for buyers.

Category: ALL (200 records) Living Estate of Mrs. Dorothy Looney Barnes - April 24, 2018 6:00 PM
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1 small/1-1-13.jpgHoosier Style Kitchen Cabinet

On casters.

Dimensions: 40" x 23" x 70"
Condition: Good overall, appears to be complete. Missing one caster.
Location: Cabin Den
17 180756 335.00   ended
2 small/2-1-5.jpgVintage Barrel

Handwritten note indicates this barrel was bought in 1926 for twenty-five cents and originally used to keep homemade vinegar before being used as a chicken corn bin by original owners. On casters.

Dimensions: Height 35"
Condition: Very good, casters have been affixed at a later date.
Location: Cabin Den
10 65784 65.00   ended
3 small/3-1-11.jpgVintage Hotpoint Electric Stove

220 volt.

Dimensions: 39" x 23" x 39.5"
Condition: Good, does work.
Location: Cabin Kitchen
14 180756 165.12   ended
4 small/4-1-7.jpgVintage Kitchen Cabinet

Formica top. Has been being used as a kitchen island, all exterior surfaces have been painted.

Dimensions: 42" x 20" x 33"
Condition: Good overall.
Location: Cabin Kitchen
8 91239 45.00   ended
5 small/5-1-15.jpgHardwick Cast Iron and Enamel Cookstove

Dimensions: Dimensions as shown with open lid 42" x 24" x 50"
Condition: Good overall, has not been used in some years. Front door does not close correctly and is currently held in place with a bolt which was bored into rangetop.
Location: Cabin Kitchen
7 180502 120.00   ended
6 small/6-1-8.jpgMid Century Walnut Buffet

Dimensions: 58" x 18.5" x 32"
Condition: Good overall with minimal scratches and scuffmarks.
Location: Kitchen
10 180917 120.00   ended
7 small/7-1-7.jpgMid Century Bow Front Walnut China Hutch

Single piece.

Dimensions: 48" x 16" x 64"
Condition: Good overall with minimal scratches and scuffmarks.
Location: Kitchen
8 180917 170.00   ended
8 small/8-1-5.jpgRetro Ceiling Light

Dimensions: Bulb diameter and height to chain 12" x 14"
Condition: Good, works.
Location: Den
8 91239 45.00   ended
9 small/9-1-6.jpgCast Iron Horse Door Stop

Unmarked, but believed to be Hubley.

Dimensions: 12" x 11"
Condition: Good overall, some chipped paint and adhesive residue patch on hindquarter.
Location: Den
15 65784 105.00   ended
10 small/10-1-28.jpg1990 GMC Sierra SLX Truck

Odometer reads 79,316. Title is present. VIN #1GTDC14K9LE553232. Regular cab, two wheel drive, eight foot bed. 5.7 Liter V8 engine. AM/FM stereo. Air conditioning. Last inspection April 2015.

Condition: Fair to good; tested and runs but does need a new battery; has loose overhead cab lining, distressed tire fenders and trim, scrapes to passenger side, busted passenger taillight. Tires fair. Needs cleaning.
Location: Carport
24 180815 1,350.00   ended
11 small/11-1-10.jpgYard Machine by MTD 14.5 HP Riding Lawn Tractor

Model: 660
Condition: Good with signs of use. Dead battery, untested. Ran when parked. Tire tread appears good though somewhat deflated.
Location: Garage
14 180402 125.00   ended
12 small/12-1-3.jpgSix Inch Table Vise

Note that vise is currently attached to table by one bolt which is stripped and will be buyer's responsibility to remove upon pick up.

Condition: Good with wear.
Location: Garage
12 104478 95.00   ended
13 small/13-1-4.jpgPair of White Painted Art Deco Style Side Chairs

Dimensions: Height 36"
Condition: Good with weathering.
Location: Garage
6 104478 35.00   ended
14 small/14-1-9.jpgFour Vintage Jeep Door and Window Panels

Dimensions: Average 36" x 25.5"
Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Garage
1 180640 5.00   ended
15 small/15-1-10.jpgFarm & Country Decor

Includes two wagons, two washtubs, small bench, Stonewall Richmond kettle stand, milk can, and more.

Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Shed
10 74242 55.00   ended
16 small/16-1-4.jpgTwo Man Cross Cut Saw

Dimensions: Length including handles 63"
Condition: Good.
Location: Shed
6 180756 25.00   ended
17 small/17-1-11.jpgVintage Enameled Cast Iron Kitchen Stove

Condition: Fair, has been kept under open storage and disassembled; unknown if complete.
Location: Shed
2 180492 6.00   ended
18 small/18-1-4.jpgVintage Red Metal Kitchen Cart

Dimensions: 24" x 17" x 31"
Condition: Good with wear, some paint splattering and rust.
Location: Basement
6 65523 40.00   ended
19 small/19-1-5.jpgVintage Red Metal Kitchen Cart

Dimensions: 29" x 16" x 34.5"
Condition: Sturdy but cosmetically fair with stains and wear.
Location: Basement
7 180756 20.00   ended
20 small/20-1-8.jpgAntique Mirror

Provenance penciled on back of frame indicates this was purchased in 1901 and was in the Gallagher Home of Dublin, Texas.

Dimensions: 31" x 27"
Condition: Good, has been repainted.
Location: Bedroom 2
3 101135 15.00   ended
21 small/21-1-7.jpgAntique Mirror

Provenance penciled on back of frame indicates this was purchased in 1901 and was in the Gallagher Home of Dublin, Texas.

Dimensions: 39.5" x 25.5"
Condition: Good, has been repainted.
Location: Bedroom 2
4 180359 35.00   ended
22 small/22-1-8.jpgAlexander Smith Tru-Tone Large Area Rug

Circa/Year: 1935
Dimensions: 107" x 134"
Condition: Fair to good; with threadbare patches, unidentified residue, and stains visible to back although it has been professionally cleaned by Haqopian Carpets of Detroit.
Location: Basement
6 91239 35.00   ended
23 small/23-1-11.jpgAlexander Smith Tru-Tone Large Area Rug

Circa/Year: 1935
Dimensions: 107.5" x 134"
Condition: Good overall; there is one threadbare patch, and stains visible to back although it has been professionally cleaned by Hagopian Carpets of Detroit.
Location: Basement
8 91239 55.00   ended
24 small/24-1-6.jpgRaku Artisan Pottery Key Bowl

Signed artisan pottery.

Circa/Year: 1986
Dimensions: 16.25" x 3.25"
Condition: Good overall but with few scratches, nicks, and adhesive residue.
Location: Basement
1 48684 5.00   ended
25 small/25-1-12.jpgMid Century Modern Walnut Dining Table & Chairs

Includes four matching chairs. Expandable table with extra leaf as pictured.

Dimensions: 72" x 42" x 30"Chair height 33"
Condition: Table is good overall but with some scratches and scuffmarks, also adhesive residue to frame. Chairs also bear scratches and scuffs in addition to one chair with back broken and unattached.
Location: Basement
4 48684 8.00   ended
26 small/26-1-11.jpgVintage Standard Desk and Office Chair

Desk is made by Standard of Herkimer,NY. On casters.

Dimensions: 60" x 33" x 33"
Condition: Exterior is fair with scratches, moisture damage, and chipping, interior shows ink staining,but this is still a sturdy, usable piece. Chair also bears scratches.
Location: Basement
3 180787 21.00   ended
27 small/27-1-7.jpgTwo Wooden Full Size Beds

Lighter frame includes metal rails, darker comes with wooden rails and is made by Vermont American Furniture Corp.

Dimensions: Standard Full
Condition: Fair to good, still sturdy but with signs of wear.
Location: Basement
13 53665 105.00   ended
28 small/28-1-15.jpgVintage China and Kitchenware

Includes Hull, Royal Staffordshire, Corning Ware, Shenandoah, Sterling Ware and more.

Condition: Good overall but some chips and scratches are present.
Location: Basement
29 small/29-1-9.jpgOriental China and Collectibles

Includes a set of Stafford 'Chinese Garden' bird design dishes which consists of eight dinner plates, three salad plates, four bowls, and four cups. Also a 'seasonal fan' motif curtain, decorative urn, and more.

Condition: Good overall.
Location: Basement
1 53665 5.00   ended
30 small/30-1-6.jpgGroup of Hall China

Pitcher is believed to be a "second" as it shows a 'fisheye' glazing blemish.

Condition: Good with wear, no chips or cracks.
Location: Basement
1 65459 5.00   ended
31 small/31-1-10.jpgVintage Cups and Saucers

Condition: Good overall though few pieces are chipped and owner's name is written in marker on several items.
Location: Basement
1 104934 5.00   ended
32 small/32-1-7.jpg5 Gallon Stoneware Crock

Condition: Good except there is one area with putty affixed and one small crack in base, although it does not penetrate completely through.
Location: Basement
6 180756 35.00   ended
33 small/33-1-6.jpgChest Freezer

14.8 cubic feet capacity.

Make: Southern States
Model: C-15
Dimensions: 46.5" x 28" x 35"
Condition: Powers on.
Location: Basement
4 180826 45.00   ended
34 small/34-1-7.jpgGroup of Household Small Appliances

Includes Emerson microwave, Krups stand mixer, Black & Decker coffee maker, and more. Shelf not included.

Condition: Used, untested.
Location: Basement
3 97990 7.00   ended
35 small/35-1-5.jpgFour Metal Shelving Units

*Note that pictured contents are not included.

Dimensions: Tallest 24.5" x 15.5" x 72"Shortest 29.5" x 11.5" x 46"Other two units have a height of 72"
Condition: Sturdy with signs of use, some rust present.
Location: Basement
4 102119 20.00   ended
36 small/36-1-10.jpgLarge Group of Kitchenware

Includes an Oster electric griddle, vintage aluminum pans, utensils, and much more as shown.

Condition: Good overall with signs of use.
Location: Basement
3 180492 9.51   ended
37 small/37-1-5.jpgVintage Cafe Table and Two Stools

Wooden top affixed to heavy metal base. Includes a pair of matched stools.

Dimensions: 35.5" x 24" x 29.5"
Condition: Good with wear, some scratches, moisture damage to top. Some rust to stools.
Location: Basement
15 90946 180.00   ended
38 small/38-1-14.jpgVintage Italian Pottery and More

Dimensions: Phoenix urn height 10"
Condition: Good with wear, Mexican vase has large repaired crack and phoenix urn has chip to rim.
Location: Basement
39 small/39-1-10.jpgGroup of Collectibles

Includes a 1965 miniature China tea set, Landon/Knox G.O.P. political interest pin, and a 'Nail White' tin.

Dimensions: Bud vase height 8"
Condition: Good, vintage condition.
Location: Basement
3 180824 6.00   ended
40 small/40-1-13.jpgVintage Kitchen Ware

Includes Toastmaster hospitality wooden tray from the McGraw Electric Company, advertising pie plate, scales, and more.

Dimensions: Tray length 23.5"
Condition: Good with wear.
Location: Basement
8 93601 25.51   ended
41 small/41-1-4.jpgPair Electric Mantel Brass & Crystal Luster Lamps

Includes mirror tray as shown.

Dimensions: Height 12"
Condition: Good, power on.
Location: Basement
5 104997 15.51   ended
42 small/42-1-18.jpgSkookum Native American Doll and More

Features a vintage Skookum 'Bully Good' doll, 1950-1965 Lion's Club pins,a Sergio Valente watch, and a Boy Scouts canteen.

Dimensions: Doll height 7"
Condition: Dolls is good overall but with fraying and tears to headband and several small holes in pants leg. Other pieces are good with few signs of age.
Location: Basement
1 90946 5.00   ended
43 small/43-1-7.jpgSmall Furniture and Decor

Includes stools, hanging lamp, and wooden wall hangings.

Dimensions: Lamp height 20"
Condition: Lamp powers on., all overall good.
Location: Basement
6 180267 21.00   ended
44 small/44-1-10.jpgTaylor Barometer & Mercedes Benz Clock

Includes a Sybron Taylor weather station 'Pinehurst Collection weather station barometer, and a 2004 Lenox Czech crystal Mercedes Benz clock.

Dimensions: Barometer height 16"
Condition: Good with light wear.
Location: Basement
5 75943 30.00   ended
45 small/45-1-10.jpgVintage Handbag, Scarves and Fabric

Features a handmade seed bead peacock drawstring purse, scarves, and assorted fabric remnants.

Condition: Purse has tear in side and rip in seam lining. Otherwise good.
Location: Basement
2 180859 6.00   ended
46 small/46-1-7.jpgVintage Travel Maps

Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Basement
1 105992 5.00   ended
47 small/47-1-21.jpgChristmas Collectibles and Decor

Includes vintage elf-on-a-shelf dolls, a Clayworks by Blue Sky 'Cat on Ski's' tealight holder, a Lee Middleton 1991 Christmas Angel collector's doll, tree lights, Currier & Ives tins and more.

Dimensions: Angel doll height 14"
Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
1 106588 5.00   ended
48 small/48-1-14.jpgClown Collectibles and More

Includes an unauthenticated signed Emmett Kelly, Jr. calendar.

Condition: Fair to good, many figurines have been broken and repaired.
Location: Basement
2 105992 6.00   ended
49 small/49-1-10.jpgArtwork and Picture Frames

Includes several signed pieces, vintage paint by numbers, and assorted frames.

Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
3 90946 17.00   ended
50 small/50-1-10.jpgVirginia Tech and VPI Collectibles

Includes a 1964 pencil tray which affixed note indicates was crafted from the seats of Miles Stadium, signed T. Marshall Hale,Jr., a 1947 edition of The Bugle, and more.* A stainless steel knife and spoon stamped V.P.I. were later found and added to the lot but were not photographed.

Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
4 180932 15.00   ended
51 small/51-1-12.jpgGroup of Sporting Collectibles and More

Includes a vintage Eversharp fountain pen.

Condition: Good with wear; base of golfing statue is busted.
Location: Basement
1 90946 5.00   ended
52 small/52-1-5.jpgVintage Silver Polka Dot Glasses and More

Also vintage aluminum drinking glasses.

Dimensions: Polka Dot glasses height 5.5"
Condition: Good with wear.
Location: Basement
1 106588 5.00   ended
53 small/53-1-3.jpgVintage Wooden Canes

Dimensions: Tallest 37"
Condition: Good with signs of age and use, one is missing broken off handle.
Location: Basement
2 104934 6.00   ended
54 small/54-1-6.jpgGroup of Stoneware

Five crocks and one jug.

Dimensions: Tallest 12"
Condition: Most are severely cracked.
Location: Basement
6 180756 35.01   ended
55 small/55-1-8.jpgThree Gallon Stoneware Crock & Crock Jar

Dimensions: Crock Jar height 10.5"
Condition: Good overall, no chips or cracks noted.
Location: Basement
6 102119 22.00   ended
56 small/56-1-9.jpgCast Iron Cookware

One kettle is WagnerWare.

Condition: Good with signs of rust and wear.
Location: Basement
9 53665 55.00   ended
57 small/57-1-5.jpgCast Iron Skillets

One is WagnerWare #1060E, other is marked Made in USA.

Dimensions: WagnerWare 12 1/4",other 12 7/16"
Condition: Good with signs of rust and wear.
Location: Basement
11 180398 55.00   ended
58 small/58-1-6.jpgArtisan Sculptured Mobile

Artist: Phyllis Mark
Circa/Year: 1974
Dimensions: Diameter 13.5"
Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
8 180640 55.00   ended
59 small/59-1-7.jpgVintage Wooden Wardrobe

Cedar lined.

Dimensions: 39.5' x 21" x 64"
Condition: Good with some scratches and scuffmarks, still a sturdy piece.
Location: Basement
8 97044 40.00   ended
60 small/60-1-6.jpgVintage Wooden Dresser with Mirror

On casters. Machine dovetailed drawers.

Dimensions: 46" x 23" x 70"
Condition: Good with wear, scratches, scuffs and minor loss of veneer.
Location: Basement
7 87789 45.00   ended
61 small/61-1-18.jpgVintage Clothing, Shoes,Handbags and More

Most dresses are homemade.

Dimensions: Clothing is comparable to a modern size small
Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Basement
4 63415 20.00   ended
62 small/62-1-9.jpgFull Size Wooden Bed

On casters.

Dimensions: Height 68"
Condition: Fair, missing one finial, many chewmarks to footboard.
Location: Basement
5 180932 15.00   ended
63 small/63-1-4.jpgTwo Abstract Paintings

Dimensions: Painting with red dot 29.25" x 44"
Condition: Good overall but dirty and with discoloration from being hung on wall.
Location: Basement
2 103017 6.00   ended
64 small/64-1-7.jpgVanity Stand and Two Table Lamps

Dimensions: Tallest lamp 35"
Condition: Good overall except cloth shade shows moisture damage, lamps work.
Location: Basement
1 65459 5.00   ended
65 small/65-1-6.jpgVintage Aqua Blue Canning Jars and More

Includes other assorted vintage glassware and a urinal bottle.

Condition: Good with wear.
Location: Basement
6 90946 37.00   ended
66 small/66-1-14.jpgAssortment of Household Collectibles

Includes a Budweiser Clydesdale stein, and an Ameriphone Alertmaster AM-RX2 alert system with lamp for the hearing impaired which was not photographed but later added to lot. *Note that metal shelving unit is not included in this lot.

Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Basement
5 106588 15.00   ended
67 small/67-1-9.jpgVintage Clothing

With photographed documentation of dress, shoes, and glasses worn in 1945. *Note that hat rack is not included in this lot.

Condition: Shoes are in fair condition, other pieces good overall.
Location: Basement
6 63415 17.00   ended
68 small/68-1-9.jpgWooden Country Collectibles

Includes a bucket and a barrel which has been converted for use as a boardgame table.

Dimensions: Barrel height 21". Bucket height 14"
Condition: Good with wear and paint stains.
Location: Basement
7 91923 35.00   ended
69 small/69-1-4.jpgBrass Music Stand

Dimensions: 38"H
Condition: Good
Location: Basement
10 104478 75.00   ended
70 small/70-1-5.jpgWooden Rolling Caddy

Dimensions: 22" x 16" x 27.5"
Condition: Good
Location: Basement
1 106588 5.00   ended
71 small/71-1-7.jpgAntique Wooden Steamer Trunk

With metal furnishings, on casters.

Dimensions: 34.5" x 20.5" x 26"
Condition: Good for age, however one leather strap handle is broken and missing a section, front leather staps are absent.
Location: Basement
9 180756 65.01   ended
72 small/72-1-5.jpgLane Cedar Chest

Push button closure. Has had casters added.

Dimensions: 35" x 21" x 22"
Condition: Scratches to top, otherwise good.
Location: Basement
6 102119 35.00   ended
73 small/73-1-8.jpgAssorted Tools and Shelving Units

Both small shelving units are included in this lot as shown; also a 46" wooden step ladder, assorted hardware, a vintage SW Hollow Ground Italian steel No. 45 wire cutter

Dimensions: Shelving units 36" x 16" x 30"
Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Basement
5 102119 17.00   ended
74 small/74-1-6.jpgVintage Food Tins

Includes two Robert's Beef Fat, a Lynn Ross, and an Utz's potato chips.

Dimensions: Beef Fat tins height 15"
Condition: Fair.
Location: Basement
7 93094 15.00   ended
75 small/75-1-7.jpgVintage Wheeling 706 Red Painted Trash Can

Dimensions: Height including handle 18"
Condition: Good with wear, one minor dent to side.
Location: Basement
7 74242 25.00   ended
76 small/76-1-8.jpgVintage Wooden Desk and Table

Smaller table is on casters and has a replaced board top.

Dimensions: One drawer table 39.5" x 21" x 64"Table on casters 29" x 20" x 29"
Condition: Fair though sturdy pieces for restoration; smaller table has loss of veneer, both bear scratches and scuffmarks and moisture damage to top of larger.
Location: Basement
5 180267 25.00   ended
77 small/77-1-5.jpgVornado Portable Air Cleaner and HEPA Filters

Includes two new replacement HEPA filters and multiple packs of presorb filters. With original owner's guide.

Model: VAQS35
Condition: Good with signs of use, powers on.
Location: Basement
3 53665 16.00   ended
78 small/78-1-5.jpgGE Refrigerator

17.2 cubic feet refrigerator/freezer.

Model: TBFM17VA
Dimensions: Height 65"
Condition: Powers on. Shows wear.
Location: Basement
6 90946 55.00   ended
79 small/79-1-7.jpgHousehold Lot

Includes an Oreck vacuum, a Shark cordless sweeper, folding commode, walker, and a Kolcraft collapsible stroller.

Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
1 105044 5.00   ended
80 small/80-1-7.jpgVintage Repurposed Painted Cupboard and Table

Includes enamel topped table and wooden cupboard with painted glass doors. Note that cupboard is currently affixed to cinder block wall and will require removal by buyer with a regular head screwdriver.

Dimensions: Cupboard 40" x 12.5" x 39"Table 39.5" x 24.5" x 30"
Condition: Good overall but with some scratches and signs of use.
Location: Basement
13 102119 76.00   ended
81 small/81-1-6.jpgTwo Wooden Keg Barrels

Dimensions: Tallest 21"
Condition: Good for age, does show rust.
Location: Cellar
8 65784 60.00   ended
82 small/82-1-6.jpgAssortment of Vintage Kitchen Ware

Includes aluminum and enamel ware.

Condition: Fair
Location: Cellar
2 91923 6.00   ended
83 small/83-1-7.jpgHandy Small Furniture Lot

Dimensions: Blue shelving unit 49.5" x 12" x 42"
Condition: Fair. Coatrack is missig a hook.
Location: Cellar
84 small/84-1-3.jpgSealy Firm Full Mattress Set on Metal Frame

Includes mattress and boxspring on metal frame with casters.

Dimensions: Standard full
Condition: Good, used condition.
Location: Bedroom 1
8 53665 65.00   ended
85 small/85-1-6.jpgBedroom Suite

Includes chest of drawers on caster feet, dresser with mirror, and nightstand.

Dimensions: Chest of drawers 38" x 19" x 49"Vanity (not including mirror) 17" x 19' x 31", mirror top 51" x 39.5"Nightstand24" x 16" x 26"
Condition: Good with minor scratching. Chest of drawers is missing one drawer pull.
Location: Bedroom 1
12 180932 85.00   ended
86 small/86-1-9.jpgVintage Mantel Clock

Dial is marked H.C. Co. Germany, works are marked Gustav Becker, Medaille D'Or. Missing key.

Dimensions: 29" x 7.5" x 12.5"
Condition: Fair; pendulum hanger is broken in two, glass face is broken off at hinge and has glue residue.
Location: Bedroom 2
4 75943 40.00   ended
87 small/87-1-5.jpgSeth Thomas Westminster Chime Mantel Clock

Missing key. Was serviced in 2002 with new movement.

Model: 6407
Dimensions: 17.5" x 8"
Condition: Good.
Location: Bedroom 2
4 75943 25.00   ended
88 small/88-1-6.jpgTwo Jim Daly Signed Numbered Framed Prints

Americana 'New World' theme. Statue of Liberty is # 299/5000, Ice Cream Vendor is # 525/5000.

Dimensions: 17.5" x 21.5"
Condition: Very good.
Location: Bedroom 2
6 73160 25.00   ended
89 small/89-1-8.jpgGroup of Artwork

Includes several signed pieces.

Dimensions: Largest 49" x 30"
Condition: Good.
Location: Bedroom 2
1 102119 5.00   ended
90 small/90-1-7.jpgPair of Signed Artist Wild West Prints

Both Sitting Bull and General Custer prints bear artist proofs of #27/50.

Artist: Michael S. Dooley,Sr.
Dimensions: 17.5" x 23"
Condition: Very good.
Location: Bedroom 2
2 94430 6.00   ended
91 small/91-1-7.jpgRichmond City Hall Framed Architectural Print

Signed and numbered #101/500.

Dimensions: 26" x 37"
Condition: Very good.
Location: Bedroom 2
1 70957 5.00   ended
92 small/92-1-5.jpgSmall Pine Cupboard

Dimensions: 21.5" x 12" x 52"
Condition: Good with wear.
Location: Bedroom 2
9 93094 55.00   ended
93 small/93-1-11.jpgVintage Dresser and Chest of Drawers

Back of chest of drawers is date stamped September 11, 1947, made by Vermont American Furniture Corp.

Dimensions: Chest of Drawers 32.5" x 18.5" x 47". Dresser without mirror 42.5" x 20" x 35", combined height with mirror is 69"
Condition: Good with wear; scratches, scuffs
Location: Bedroom 2
9 104109 80.00   ended
94 small/94-1-6.jpgVintage Dresser and Laundry Hamper

Dresser has original labels from Glen Desks,Inc of Glen Rock,Pa.

Dimensions: Dresser with mirror 36" x 18" x 63"
Condition: Fair to good, with scratches, scuffs, and moisture damage.
Location: Cabin Bedroom 1
7 87789 36.00   ended
95 small/95-1-8.jpgVintage Steamer Trunk

On casters.

Dimensions: 34" x 18" x 23.5"
Condition: Fair.
Location: Cabin Bedroom 1
9 180756 40.00   ended
96 small/96-1-7.jpgVintage Large Cargo Trunk

Stamped on one end 'L.P. Claibornd, Birmingham, ALA. On casters.

Dimensions: 39" 23" x 27.5"
Condition: Fair to good, has been repainted. Still in sturdy, restorable condition.
Location: Cabin Bedroom 1
8 180756 45.00   ended
97 small/97-1-5.jpgRustic Kitchen Cupboard

Dimensions: 33" x 15.5" x 56"
Condition: Fair to good. Has been stripped and partially repainted. Needs restoration but still a nice piece.
Location: Cabin Bedroom 1
7 102119 70.00   ended
98 small/98-1-6.jpgTwo Ornate Mirrors

Dimensions: Oval 23" x 32"Squared 27" x 23"
Condition: Good.
Location: Cabin Bedroom 1
6 90946 38.00   ended
99 small/99-1-5.jpgVintage Wooden Kitchen Table

Dimensions: 38" x 15.5" x 32"
Condition: Fair to good. One knob pulls off, drawer sticks, has been stripped but still restorable.
Location: Cabin Bedroom 1
7 90946 45.00   ended
100 small/100-1-7.jpgWashstand

Note affixed to back states that this piece came from the Virginia Mineral Springs Hotel in 1931. On casters.

Dimensions: 33" x 20" x 54"
Condition: Good.
Location: Cabin Bedroom 1
10 180859 86.00   ended

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