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Bidding extended on Open items for 4 minutes since last bid.
Inspection & Pickup Location:
11712 Lee Highway
Fincastle,VA 24090
Inspection: February 16 3:00pm to 6:00pm
Closing: February 20 6:00pm to close
Removal: February 24 10:00am to 2:00pm

Please be aware there is a 15% Buyers Premium with this auction.
Shipping available for all items. To be handled solely by The Packaging Store of Roanoke,VA. 540-772-0999. Shipper will pick up items after the auction and contact buyers regarding rates and scheduling. Please email Farmer Auctions at or call 540-384-0100 to notify us that you would like to have your items shipped. IMPORTANT NOTE: Auction company will not deliver items back to our gallery for buyers.

Category: ALL (164 records) Living Estate of Lester & Vicki Bramlett - February 20, 2018 6:00 PM
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1 small/1-1-14.jpgAntique Bow Front Carved China Hutch

On unusual claw feet. Features a lion/beast motif. Beveled glass mirror topped. Includes key.

Dimensions: 46" x 16" x 74"
Condition: Good.
Location: Dining Room
23 105244 560.00   ended
2 small/2-1-6.jpgWooden Carved Cabinet Stand

Has a cabinet and a drawer with brass pulls.

Dimensions: 28.5" x 17.75" x 39"
Condition: Good; previously used as an entertainment center cabinet and now has several holes in back panel.
Location: Dining Room
11 104751 95.00   ended
3 small/3-1-6.jpgLighted Bow Front China Hutch

Features two-door access, faux keys included.

Dimensions: 36" x 17.5" x 70"
Condition: Good with very minor wear. Powers on.
Location: Dining Room
12 104566 190.00   ended
4 small/4-1-6.jpgBrass Punch Bowl Set

On tray with twelve cups and a ladle.

Dimensions: Tray diameter 14.5"
Condition: Good.
Location: Dining Room
4 77001 25.00   ended
5 small/5-1-10.jpgVintage Nickel Silver Rose Punch Bowl Set

Marked 'Japan, EP Nickel Silver'. Includes tray, ladle, and eighteen cups.

Dimensions: Tray diameter 14"
Condition: Good with tarnishing.
Location: Dining Room
9 104730 50.00   ended
6 small/6-1-8.jpgVintage Brass Turkish Double Handled Samovar

Base marked 'Norplim CA, MFAB'.

Dimensions: Height 19"
Condition: Overall good, used condition, though wooden handles show wear and splitting.
Location: Dining Room
6 31155 65.00   ended
7 small/7-1-11.jpgAntique Fumed Oak Mirrored Buffet Hotel Roanoke

Early 20th Century fumed/quartered oak buffet with French bevel mirror, which according to owner came from the Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, VA. Made or sold by Janney, Semple, Hill & Co. of Minneapolis, MN.

Dimensions: 60" x 22"x 56"
Condition: Overall good but used condition showing moisture damage/rings to top surfaces, one drawer has staple affixed liner, one door only closes with assist of a wedge, and there is some scratching and scuff marks to bottom of cabinet interior.
Location: Dining Room
19 87789 285.00   ended
8 small/8-1-7.jpgAntique Large Wooden Dough Bowl

Dimensions: Length 52"
Condition: Exterior has been painted, otherwise good.
Location: Dining Room
10 73882 85.00   ended
9 small/9-1-6.jpgAntique Framed Ceresota Flour Sack with Booklet

Includes a framed (what appears to be, though contents have not been examined out of frame) copy of 'The Adventure of Ceresota, a Painting Book in Story Form', a children's advertising/painting booklet printed by the Ceresota Flour Co. of Minneapolis circa 1912.

Dimensions: Framed sack 23.75" x 38.25"
Condition: Sack itself appears to be in fairly good, used condition, there are several holes/tears visible and some staining.
Location: Dining Room
3 73882 15.00   ended
10 small/10-1-7.jpgYard Machine by MTD Riding Lawnmower

Shift-On-The-Go 7 Speed, 42" 2 Blade Cutting System.

Condition: Good, running condition.
Location: Red Barn
17 86531 205.00   ended
11 small/11-1-10.jpgDining Room Table and Seven Chairs

Laminate topped wooden table with five side chairs and two Captain's chairs.

Dimensions: Table 60" x 36" x 30"
Condition: Table has chipped /scuffed edges and wear marks to legs. Chairs show moisture damage, scuffs, scratches, loose pieces,and chew-marks on one.
Location: Dining Room
8 104537 45.00   ended
12 small/12-1-4.jpgUpholstered Red Floral Arm Chair

Dimensions: Height 42"
Condition: Good. Slight scuffing to feet, upholstery sound.
Location: Dining Room
4 104566 16.00   ended
13 small/13-1-6.jpgRidgeway Grandfather Clock

Dimensions: 20.5" x 12.25" x 82"
Condition: Good, runs. Missing key.
Location: Living Room
16 105035 185.00   ended
14 small/14-1-6.jpgOak Washstand

Dimensions: 34" x 18" x 58"
Condition: Good.
Location: Living Room
10 104566 120.00   ended
15 small/15-1-11.jpgOak Ice Box

Appears to have had some hardware replaced. Comes with "Ice Card".

Dimensions: 28" x 18" x 42"
Condition: Good with signs of wear, and missing bottom tray.
Location: Living Room
10 105244 300.00   ended
16 small/16-1-8.jpgGroup of Pig Collectibles

Dimensions: Tallest 8"
Condition: Most have small chips, glass bank is in excellent condition.
Location: Basement
1 104550 5.00   ended
17 small/17-1-9.jpgVintage Dishes Milk Glass and More

Condition: Overall good.
Location: Basement
2 105351 15.00   ended
18 small/18-1-5.jpg1950 Rockbridge Co VA Pet Show Prize Ribbons

Includes eight prize ribbons from the S.P.C.A. Pet Show in Rockbridge County, Virginia, along with two photographs from the show; framed.

Dimensions: 25" x 19"
Condition: Glass of frame is broken but all contents are good.
Location: Basement
4 72078 15.00   ended
19 small/19-1-13.jpgGroup of Patterned Pressed Glass

Dimensions: Compote height 7.5"
Condition: Very good.
Location: Basement
2 104934 12.00   ended
20 small/20-1-8.jpgGroup of Vintage Kitchenware

Condition: Overall good.
Location: Basement
5 71060 17.00   ended
21 small/21-1-10.jpgGroup of Vintage Kitchenware Fire King and More

Includes jadeite pieces in a variety of patterns.

Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
4 93601 25.00   ended
22 small/22-1-6.jpgHousehold Tools & Garage Lot

Includes many extension cords, screwdrivers, pliers, nails, wrenches, and more.

Condition: Overall good.
Location: Basement
5 105244 25.00   ended
23 small/23-1-9.jpgGroup of Corning Ware

Includes Pyrex 'Iris' casserole dish.

Condition: Good with some signs of use.
Location: Basement
8 102138 50.00   ended
24 small/24-1-8.jpgGroup of Pots and Pans

Includes a crock pot, pressure canners and more.

Condition: Largest enamelware pot is unusable for cooking as there are holes/rust, still could have garden whimsy use. Others overall good.
Location: Basement
5 104934 27.12   ended
25 small/25-1-9.jpgElegant Glassware and Crystal

Includes a handpainted glass basket, Fostoria, tid-bit dishes and more.

Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
3 103081 17.00   ended
26 small/26-1-18.jpgGroup of Household and Kitchen Decor

Includes Robinson Ransbottom decorated stoneware, and some vintage pieces.

Condition: Few pieces have blemishes, but overall good.
Location: Basement
2 104934 15.00   ended
27 small/27-1-9.jpgGroup of Three Longaberger Baskets

Dimensions: Largest 17" x 14" x 10.5"
Condition: Cake stand with largest basket has two legs broken off and liner is in poor condition, owner's name is written on bottoms in ink, smaller basket has some staining in bottom, otherwise good.
Location: Basement
8 105253 45.00   ended
28 small/28-1-8.jpgTwo Longaberger Easter Baskets

Includes a 2000 Whitewashed Large Easter basket and a 2000 Whitewashed Jelly Bean basket. Both with plastic and cloth liners.

Dimensions: Large basket height 15.5"
Condition: Very good.
Location: Basement
1 104560 5.00   ended
29 small/29-1-9.jpgCandlewick Glassware and More

Dimensions: Pitcher height 7.5"
Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
3 104934 15.00   ended
30 small/30-1-10.jpgOversize Bitters Bottle and Other Collectibles

Dimensions: Fish bottle height 9.75"
Condition: Fish bottle has a "fisheye" mark and some chipping to insulators, otherwise good.
Location: Basement
5 75942 40.00   ended
31 small/31-1-9.jpgLarge Group of Glassware

Includes goblets, snack trays, ruby glass, and more.

Condition: Overall good.
Location: Basement
4 102138 15.00   ended
32 small/32-1-9.jpgGroup of Metalware Collectibles

Includes some copper and brass pieces.

Dimensions: Planter height 8"
Condition: Overall good.
Location: Basement
6 103081 15.00   ended
33 small/33-1-7.jpgGroup of Antique Windowpanes

Taken from a church in Kansas, built in the late 19th Century (according to consignor).

Dimensions: Largest two 25" x 45"
Condition: Most panes have broken glass.
Location: Red Barn
3 102259 15.00   ended
34 small/34-1-4.jpgHoses and Hose Reel

Condition: Used, untested.
Location: Red Barn
4 75943 17.00   ended
35 small/35-1-6.jpgBird House, Feeder, and More

Window in the corner of the first photo is part of a separate lot.

Dimensions: Bird feeder height 84"
Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Red Barn
6 104537 15.00   ended
36 small/36-1-10.jpgGroup of Yard Tools and More

Includes post-hole diggers, hoe, shovel, and more.

Condition: Fair to good
Location: Red Barn
8 105253 35.00   ended
37 small/37-1-6.jpgLarin Tabletop Vise with Work Table Benches

Vise is attached to top bench piece, includes both table/benches as shown in photographs.

Dimensions: Total table dimensions: 30" x 80" x 39"
Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Red Barn
5 77001 41.31   ended
38 small/38-1-4.jpgTwo Wooden Ladders

Dimensions: 4' and 6'
Condition: Poor to fair.
Location: Red Barn
2 75355 6.00   ended
39 small/39-1-4.jpgHand Truck

Condition: Good, used condition.
Location: Red Barn
7 103081 15.00   ended
40 small/40-1-4.jpgOutdoor Table and Chairs

Dimensions: Table diameter 40" height 39"
Condition: Good with wear.
Location: Red Barn
9 104743 121.09   ended
41 small/41-1-6.jpgWooden Bench From The Fincastle Courthouse

Dimensions: Length 90"
Condition: Good with wear.
Location: Garage
9 101068 60.00   ended
42 small/42-1-6.jpgGroup of Quilted "Seafoam" Pattern Bedding

Dimensions: Approximately 4' x 10'
Condition: Good.
Location: Garage
1 102138 5.00   ended
43 small/43-1-7.jpgGroup of Vintage Furs

Includes stole, muff, and wrap.

Condition: Good.
Location: Garage
4 103017 36.26   ended
44 small/44-1-6.jpgHill-Rom Hospital Bed

Mattress included.

Model: 425
Condition: Good, used condition.
Location: Garage
45 small/45-1-12.jpgBlack & Decker, Northern, and DeWalt Power Tools

Black & Decker drill comes with two batteries (untested).

Condition: Northern drill runs, others untested.
Location: Garage
4 102138 45.00   ended
46 small/46-1-11.jpgGarage and Household Lot

Includes a Disston Select handsaw.

Condition: Fair.
Location: Garage
3 104934 15.00   ended
47 small/47-1-4.jpgCast Iron Dinner Bell

Bail is marked 'Independence 1776'.

Dimensions: Bell diameter 13"
Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Garage
13 87900 141.00   ended
48 small/48-1-8.jpgHousehold Lot

Includes electric fans, heater, shoe rack, shower rod, and lighting.

Condition: Good, untested.
Location: Garage
6 104437 35.00   ended
49 small/49-1-4.jpgCentral Pneumatic Air Compressor

Condition: Powers on, does show some rust.
Location: Garage
6 93216 20.00   ended
50 small/50-1-7.jpgGroup of Garage Furniture

Dimensions: Step Ladder 31.75"
Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Garage
4 104394 20.00   ended
51 small/51-1-9.jpgMosler Floor Safe

Combination provided. Dolly pictured not included.

Model: CL5 GP
Dimensions: 22" x 24" x 29" Weight 490 lbs.
Condition: Inner door is missing a section which was cut out from previous opening attempt.
Location: Garage
4 77001 40.00   ended
52 small/52-1-5.jpgUnique Natural Tree Log Chair

Made in Colorado from local wood.

Dimensions: Height 34"
Condition: Good,weathered.
Location: Yard
5 92629 16.00   ended
53 small/53-1-4.jpgPetrified Wood Piece

Dimensions: 11" x 11"
Condition: Good.
Location: Yard
7 92629 20.00   ended
54 small/54-1-4.jpgPetrified Wood Piece

Dimensions: 18" x 15"
Condition: Good.
Location: Yard
6 92629 10.01   ended
55 small/55-1-8.jpgReamers, Salts, Ball Jar Lids, and More

Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
2 99332 8.00   ended
56 small/56-1-8.jpgVintage Pottery

Includes a McCoy pinecone creamer.

Dimensions: Spongeware pitcher height 8"
Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
4 104394 15.00   ended
57 small/57-1-18.jpgGroup of Seven Longaberger Baskets

Includes an extra, unmatched lid.

Dimensions: Autumn tote basket height 9.25"
Condition: Fair to good. Sled style basket has a mildewed bottom and a broken handle. Yellow cloth liner is stained.
Location: Basement
8 105253 45.00   ended
58 small/58-1-7.jpgTwo Pieces of Artisan Signed Pottery

Dimensions: Tallest 15.75"
Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
2 91239 15.00   ended
59 small/59-1-14.jpgVintage Collectibles

Includes a Pullman Company cuspidor/ spittoon, a Wholpack nickel silver cigarette case, plumb bobs, and more.

Dimensions: Cuspidor 7.5" x 3"
Condition: Good with age.
Location: Basement
4 104934 23.00   ended
60 small/60-1-13.jpgLarge Group of Kitchenware

Includes baking pans, flatware, saucepans, and more.

Condition: Overall good.
Location: Basement
7 71060 39.00   ended
61 small/61-1-4.jpgVintage White Ceramic Tabletop Christmas Tree

Dimensions: Height 25"
Condition: Bottom section has piece broken out, few bulbs missing, otherwise good and powers on.
Location: Basement
8 105271 37.50   ended
62 small/62-1-4.jpgCast Iron "Wagner" Griddle Pan

Marked '8', Sidney,O.

Dimensions: 21.5" x 9.5" x 2"
Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
9 71060 45.00   ended
63 small/63-1-5.jpgGriswold Cast Iron 5 QT Wagner Ware Dutch Oven

Condition: Good with signs of wear.
Location: Basement
10 71060 45.00   ended
64 small/64-1-3.jpgCast Iron Bundt Pan

Dimensions: 9" inner diameter
Condition: Good with signs of wear and some rust on bottom.
Location: Basement
5 104676 65.00   ended
65 small/65-1-9.jpgTwo Binocular Sets

Includes 'Leader' 50x50 WA with carrying bag, and an Alpen 8 x 32.

Condition: Alpen shows signs of use, other is very good.
Location: Basement
8 75943 70.00   ended
66 small/66-1-10.jpgGroup of Dishes plus Baskets

Includes a Pyrex 'Butterfly Gold' butter dish and plates.

Condition: Overall good.
Location: Basement
6 104934 20.00   ended
67 small/67-1-4.jpgMcCoy Pottery 'Kookie Kettle'

Dimensions: Height 8"
Condition: Slight chipping to inner rim, and tarnishing to handle, otherwise good.
Location: Basement
2 99663 6.00   ended
68 small/68-1-11.jpgGroup of Fostoria and Depression Glass

Includes three pieces of Fostoria 'Colony': a 12" handled cake plate, 14" shallow fruit bowl, and a 17" torte plate.

Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
4 97226 20.50   ended
69 small/69-1-9.jpgVintage Brush McCoy Cow & Kitten Cookie Jar

Marked BRUSH USA, W10.

Dimensions: 13" x 7" x 8.5"
Condition: Good with crazing.
Location: Basement
13 73882 76.00   ended
70 small/70-1-15.jpgGroup of Vintage Pottery and Glassware

Includes Pfaltzgraff, some cobalt pieces, and more.

Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
4 75943 20.00   ended
71 small/71-1-10.jpgGroup of Cast Iron Cookware

Includes 9" Griswold skillet, and a Virginia Metalcrafters replica miniature kettle.

Dimensions: VA Metalcrafters kettle height 4.5"
Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Basement
6 71060 35.00   ended
72 small/72-1-12.jpgGroup of Kitchen Glassware Pottery and Silverplate

Includes pieces of Pyrex and Anchor Hocking

Condition: Overall good.
Location: Basement
5 71060 31.00   ended
73 small/73-1-14.jpgAssortment of Handbags

Includes Liz Claiborne.

Condition: Fair to good.
Location: Basement
3 105228 20.00   ended
74 small/74-1-6.jpgVintage Cosco Metal Kitchen Cart

On casters. Piece will need to be assembled.

Dimensions: Height 35"
Condition: Fair to good, light rust, stains/marks, pieces unattached and missing bolts.
Location: Basement
2 93601 5.00   ended
75 small/75-1-16.jpgLarge Group of Housewares

Includes a Sanyo stereo, kitchenware, Panasonic VHS player, lock sets, lighting, electric coffee pot, wireless broadband router, TA adding machine, stapleguns, and much more.

Condition: Fair to good, electronics untested.
Location: Basement
10 104394 62.00   ended
76 small/76-1-7.jpgSeven NIP Rawlings Collectibe Baseballs on Stands

Kansas City Royals series.

Condition: New in package.
Location: Basement
3 105351 15.00   ended
77 small/77-1-23.jpgGroup of Collectibles

Includes handpainted wall pocket, unmarked Bradley & Hubbard letter opener, ironstone pitcher, and a copper drinkware set. *Note: an additional copper tray (13.5" x 13.5") was later found and added to be included in lot.

Dimensions: 11"
Condition: Good except cracks to ironstone pitcher and fisherman figure is missing pole.
Location: Basement
5 103081 25.00   ended
78 small/78-1-17.jpgGroup of Advertising Ephemera Toys Collectibles

Includes buttons, Raggedy Ann coin bank from 1974, and more.

Dimensions: Raggedy Ann height 9"
Condition: Fair to good, some figurines are broken.
Location: Basement
2 71060 6.00   ended
79 small/79-1-7.jpgVintage 'Pleasure Chest' Cooler

Dimensions: 15" x 12" x 17"
Condition: Good vintage condition, shows some wear.
Location: Basement Den
8 71060 35.00   ended
80 small/80-1-5.jpgTwo Vintage Crocheted Afghans

Dimensions: Pink, gray and green is 44" x 74
Condition: Some staining, but good with wear.
Location: Basement Bedroom 1
3 105351 12.22   ended
81 small/81-1-4.jpgTwo Vintage Crocheted Afghans

Dimensions: Afghan with black line is 42" x 42", other is 44" x 68"
Condition: Good with wear.
Location: Basement Bedroom 1
2 77001 10.00   ended
82 small/82-1-6.jpgTwo Vintage Crocheted Afghans

Dimensions: Afghan with hot pink is 44" x 70", other is 78" x 54"
Condition: Good but with wear and staining.
Location: Basement Bedroom 1
2 77001 10.00   ended
83 small/83-1-5.jpgTwo Vintage Crocheted Afghans

Dimensions: Red/Yellow/Blue afghan is 48" x 70", other is 65" x 44"
Condition: Good but with wear and staining.
Location: Basement Bedroom 1
2 77001 10.00   ended
84 small/84-1-5.jpgVintage Crocheted Afghan and Two Baby Blankets

Dimensions: Pink Afghan 68" x 48"
Condition: Good with wear.
Location: Basement Bedroom 1
85 small/85-1-5.jpgAmerican Pacific Comforter and Two Pillow Shams

Dimensions: Full size
Condition: Good with use.
Location: Basement Bedroom 1
86 small/86-1-10.jpgPair of Matching Loveseats

Made by Classic Furniture.

Dimensions: 60" x 33" x 25"
Condition: One has stain on cushions, other shows staining underneath cushions, otherwise good overall.
Location: Basement Den
3 75943 10.00   ended
87 small/87-1-9.jpgGroup of Breakfast Nook Furniture

Includes a metal baker's rack, breakfast table, and two chairs.

Dimensions: Rack 30" x 13" x 62", table (open) 35" x 35" x 30"
Condition: Fair to good. Two shelves of rack are broken, chairs show stains and wear.
Location: Basement Den
1 102119 5.00   ended
88 small/88-1-5.jpgWooden Coffee Table

Dimensions: 48" x 22" x 16"
Condition: Fair to good with wear.
Location: Basement Den
3 105244 8.00   ended
89 small/89-1-7.jpgFour Wooden Pressed Back Chairs

Note: Fourth chair was later found and is included in lot though it was not photographed.

Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 39"
Condition: Fair- have seen repairs, missing hardware, one has a broken as well as missing spindle.
Location: Basement Den
5 104394 45.00   ended
90 small/90-1-17.jpgGroup of Lamps and Lighting Fixtures

Includes a vintage brass-tone 'Rembrandt Masterpieces' lamp, vintage retro ceramic lamp, and more.

Dimensions: Tallest 54"
Condition: Untested, fair to good.
Location: Basement Den
8 105244 30.09   ended
91 small/91-1-7.jpgTwo Pieces of 'Project' Furniture

Includes a nightstand and a dresser with mirror, both would make great upcycling project pieces!

Dimensions: Nightstand 16" x 14" x 29", dresser 48"x 22" x 70"
Condition: Exteriors are fair but pieces are still sturdy.
Location: Basement Bedroom 2
6 104741 41.00   ended
92 small/92-1-5.jpgPair of Solid Wood Corner Shelving Units

Dimensions: 17" x 17" x 72"
Condition: Good.
Location: Basement Bedroom 2
9 99663 35.00   ended
93 small/93-1-8.jpgTwo Solid Wood Cabinets

Dimensions: 30" x 18" x 72"
Condition: Overall good, one cabinet shows some staining to drawer interior.
Location: Basement Bedroom 2
13 75943 120.00   ended
94 small/94-1-8.jpgGroup of Vintage Milk Glass

Dimensions: Tallest piece 7"
Condition: Fair to good, some pieces fleabitten.
Location: Basement
2 105351 22.22   ended
95 small/95-1-11.jpgBrown Glazed Stoneware

Includes pieces by Hull, McCoy, and Robinson Ransbottom,.

Dimensions: Tallest pitcher 8"
Condition: Good.
Location: Basement
3 104550 20.00   ended
96 small/96-1-8.jpgGroup of Crystal and Pressed Glass Vases and more

Dimensions: Tallest vase 13.5"
Condition: Good, no chips or cracks.
Location: Living Room
3 104550 10.00   ended
97 small/97-1-5.jpgIronstone Bowl and Pitcher

Dimensions: Bowl diameter 15.25" Pitcher height 12"
Condition: Good.
Location: Living Room
4 95008 25.00   ended
98 small/98-1-11.jpgLoveseat with Two Chairs and a Rug

Modern 'Antique Style' upholstered pieces. Includes rug.

Dimensions: Loveseat 49" x 28" x 41" Rug 45.5" x 71"
Condition: Overall good with wear, some scratches and scuffmarks to wood, rug has several holes/worn spots.
Location: Living Room
12 104566 160.00   ended
99 small/99-1-6.jpgEntertainment/Computer Center Sideboard Desk

Has built in power supply outlet and roll-out file cabinet style drawers.

Dimensions: 62" x 22" x 30"
Condition: Fair
Location: Living Room
1 104550 5.00   ended
100 small/100-1-12.jpgGroup of Decorative Vessels

Includes metal lamp urn/vase with dragon motif, and more.

Dimensions: Tallest 13.75"
Condition: Overall good.
Location: Living Room
7 103081 45.00   ended

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